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Chemical Solutions

One of the major items of expense incurred in operating water treatment facilities is associated with the use of chemical products.

The use of chemical products prolongs the water treatment plant lifespan and enhances plant performance.

Our robust portfolio of chemical products and our elite team of highly qualified professionals have earned us a reputation for delivering first-class services to help customers attain their goals. 

Our technical staff strive to bring cost-effective technical solutions to our customers to best meet their needs.

Feedwater Treatment & Purification:

  • PROFIX- Reverse Osmosis
  • Physicochemical Treatments
  • Disinfection

Wastewater Treatment & Regeneration:

  • SITRAFLOCK –Flocculants
  • SITRAFIX –Coagulants
  • Neutralizers
  • SITRASCUM – Antifoams
  • BIOZYM –Bioaugmentation products

Water Systems & Boiler Water Treatment:

  • SITRAFIX – Multifunctional Additives
  • SITRASCUM –Antifoams
  • Biocides- Legionella Prevention